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This may just be a guess, but with 1.37 billion daily active users on Facebook – you probably have a Facebook profile. Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, family and (for business) current or future customers.

Outlined below, are the top 10 best practices that you can apply today to begin growing your company or nonprofit using the Facebook platform.

01 Create your page and apply admin roles.
With a company page, current and future clients can like and follow your page without needing to send any requests – allowing for easy access to connect. Consider applying admin roles to only those that will require administrative access to the page.

Pro Tip: Not sure how to create a page? Check out Facebook's quick 'how to' tutorial here.

02 Upload a profile picture, identifiable with your company or organization.
In most cases – your company logo will sit here. Adhering to the Facebook image size recommendations will ensure you create a sharp and visually appealing experience with your brand from the start.

03 Choose a complimentary cover photo.
Aside from your profile picture, the cover photo is the first image the audience will view when visiting your page. This image should represent your company and reflect what sets you apart.

04 Have a clear call to action (CTA).
What do you want the audience to do upon visiting your Facebook page? Choose 'Add a Button,' and select one that coincides best with your services. Whether you want them to 'Book Now,' 'Contact Us,' or 'Sign up' – it should align with your social (and business) objectives.

05 Don’t skimp on your ‘About’ section.
Your brand, your story. This is your opportunity to speak to who you are, your big idea, and how you can help. New customers and folks doing their research will go here to determine if your company is a good fit.

06 Create valuable content.
Share your passion and visually connect with the audience. A mixture of storytelling, company updates, holiday messages, curated content, and brand imagery will deliver meaningful value.

Pro Tip: High-quality images or videos showcasing your team, services, and processes are great. Here is a simple breakdown of different content types.

07 Determine when and how often you will post.
Establishing when and how often to post will create a consistent experience and point of engagement. Find out when your audience is using social media and engage or schedule your posts during these timeframes.

08 Pin the important stuff.
Did you post about an upcoming event, new product/service, or a new downloadable form? 'Pin' this to the top of your page. This feature allows for the important posts to stay at the top of your new content – allowing it to stand out and be more accessible.

09 Apply your customer service skills.
Your clients and audience want to know that their concerns and thoughts are important to you. Following up and responding to any customer comments is vital to growing (and satisfying) your client fan base.

10 Measure, track and improve.
Assign key performance indicators (KPI's) and track engagement. When a certain topic or image category gains favorable attention – apply the same working strategy to future posts. Responsive, evolving content keeps your company page fresh, and the audience engaged.

Whether your goal is to create brand awareness, generate leads, or provide another touch point for current clients – make your Facebook page an extension of your multi-touch marketing efforts.

Peeeple is a boutique digital marketing agency. To discuss your social media and multi-touch marketing strategy, please contact us.

Posted 2018

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