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According to LinkedIn, consumers come into contact with 10 pieces of content before making any decision. In the world of social media, LinkedIn is a great tool to leverage your professional influence and build a lead generating network.

Below is a simple starter guide that can be put in place for your organization today.

01 Logo Image
The image you select needs to represent your brand appropriately. Use a company logo that abides by the recommended image dimensions. This helps create familiarity of your brand for potential leads, pushing them to take that next 'connection' step.

02 Company Details
When someone is curious about your brand, they will likely go directly to your page to gather more information. Having a detailed and thoughtfully written ‘About Us’ section along with updated ‘Company Details’ is essential to represent your group both creatively and accurately.

03 Keep It Professional
While other social channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) allow for your brand to be a little light-hearted, with LinkedIn – keeping a professional tone will have more impact. You will want your organization to be perceived as the 'go to' in this professional atmosphere.

04 Add Content
Once you have your LinkedIn voice, posting content will drive your message. Setting up a content calendar will help map out the month, quarter and year’s posting schedule. This will add context and presence while keeping your company page fresh.

05 Make Connections
If it fits within your business model, it is always a good idea to make the extra connection with your current and past clients, team members, classmates, etc. Keeping yourself up to date with their new projects and company changes will allow for your brand to leverage that communication and keep you top of mind. Commenting and liking noteworthy posts such as a simple ‘Congrats!’ can make a lasting impression.

06 Recommendations, Endorsements, and Kudos
If your personal LinkedIn profile is representing the organization (in whole or part), leverage this connection to link your reputation to the company. Taking the initiative to recognize others in your network, connected to the business, almost always triggers a reciprocal endorsement.

Once the stage is set and you are delivering regular, consistent content, you should consider sponsoring posts using smart digital advertising techniques for more extensive, highly targeted and remarketing efforts.

Peeeple is a boutique digital marketing agency. To learn more about social media marketing strategies and how to become an influencer with your industry, please contact us.

Updated 2020

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