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Social media is one of the best ways to create and share content, providing an opportunity to make a lasting connection.

With an estimated 90% of businesses utilizing social media for customer service by 2020 (Source: B2C), the need for a social media presence is undeniable. Whether you need to increase your website traffic or foot traffic or get those phones ringing, it all starts with creating interest to drive clients, donors, investors and (enter your audience here) your way.

Here are a few content methods worth adding to your social strategy:

Curated Content
Sharing other's content (like an article from an industry leader) and captioning with a statement or question that connects the theme of the information with your product or service is the quickest and most common content creation action. By drafting a quick, impactful caption to go with the article, your business can add its voice to this type of content. Choosing topics associated with your service offerings is a great start to establish your brand and fill a need.

User-Generated Content
User-generated content (UGC), which is also known as user-created content, allows the audience to become the focus. Creating a social campaign or contest centered around your product or service offering, with the requirement to use a company-focused hashtag, adds reach and creates a lasting connection. UGC promotes likes, shares, and, ultimately, traffic to your website by way of getting users “buzzing” about your brand.

Created Content
Pushing thoughts and ideas are great, but your audience also wants to know what sets you apart. Creating blog posts help you focus on your strengths and create an emotional appeal. Pushing across all your social platforms will aid in bringing you the desired recognition. If writing blog posts do not align with your business plan, try telling your story through images or video, adding a human quality to the digital platform.

Hashtag Use
Of course, one bonus piece of the puzzle we cannot leave out is the importance of incorporating hashtags into these compelling social captions. To make the right impact and extend the reach or searchability of your efforts, you will want to capitalize on the hashtags already in use. Researching keywords that are trending within your industry or target audience will lead customers right to you. The more people who see your post, the more engagement you will receive, delivering the right type of impressions.

In short: Tell your story, help someone in need, and put yourself among industry leaders. While it is unlikely this will create a viral response, it will form purposeful connections; and we all know that is the basis of the best, most successful relationships.

Peeeple is a boutique digital marketing agency. To discuss social media management and how to create the right connections, please contact us.

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