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Search engine optimization (SEO) uses strategies, techniques, and tactics to increase visitors to websites to obtain high-ranking organic placements in search results, including on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Source: Webopedia

In a technology-driven world full of companies trying to stand out, taking a hard look at where you and your website land in comparison to others becomes a clear necessity.

Below are some things to consider:

When it comes to websites, the statement “first impressions are everything” stands tried and true. If someone is doing a quick search within your industry, they want fast, quick service from beginning to end. If it takes more than one second to load your page, consumers may become annoyed with the process. This, in turn, may increase your bounce rate, reducing your potential client relationships. Things such as server response times, image optimization, plugins, etc. all affect how long it takes your website to load.

Is your URL SEO friendly? You want your URL ( to be clear and get right to the point. Eliminating underscores is recommended, and making it easy for consumers to find you is key.

When you think of your industry, identify the top terms or words people use when searching for what they need. Write those keywords or phrases down and incorporate them into your website copy, including the page title, description, image descriptions, and other supporting text throughout the site. Search engines will use this text to pull your website up when a search term matches these tags.

If you utilize social media to promote your company and build relationships (and we recommend that you do), adding social media buttons to your website will add value to your SEO. Having a strong presence outside your website and connecting all of your digital engagements will increase your searchability.

With mobile use on the rise, you want your website to render appropriately on mobile devices, as well as desktop browsers. Is your site map mobile friendly, are icons present, and do blog posts display correctly? These elements will give you a higher ranking in mobile search results.

Page Links
In addition to linking to your social channels, you will want to link to other pages as well. Connecting your website through links to and from partners, suppliers, sister companies, directories, and industry related sources while capitalizing on strong keyword anchor text will put you ahead of the game.

Implementing some simple SEO best practices will deliver desirable results, yielding more leads, relationships, and opportunity. We should note that you don’t have to tackle this on your own. Try our free SEO score tool and team up with us if you need additional solutions to these and other digital marketing strategies.

Peeeple is a boutique digital marketing agency. To discuss your SEO score and to get you on the search leader board, please contact us.

Posted 2017

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