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Organic reach will always remain a top priority for any company – no matter their industry. However, with the ever-changing algorithms on social media channels, for some, it may seem like a chase with no end.

Luckily, we have a few recommendations to add to your social media marketing strategy that will help boost that organic reach.

01 Create Meaningful Content
Now more than ever, companies need to be strategic about the specific content they post. Focus on what will create an emotional connection or offer a solution the audience needs at that very moment. This approach helps gain engagement, ultimately pushing your content further into the hands of a broader (and meaningful) audience.

02 Share/Retweet Someone Else’s Content
Don’t forget that social media is about being social. Finding someone else’s content that aligns with your current content strategy and engaging with it will help gravitate users to your brand, your page, and your services. A simple like, comment or share will add value.

03 Build Strategy with the Algorithm in Mind
Each social channel has their own algorithm and fine-tuning your strategy to each of these will deliver better results. Facebook gears their algorithm to show friends and family posts first, and information second. Instagram will catalog and show images/videos based on your audience’s relationship with your brand page in addition to the timeliness of the post.

Pro Tip: Instagram is a great space to showcase company behind the scene sneak peaks.

04 Images and Video Win
People are visual. Ensuring your strategy includes engaging image and video content will likely create traffic before most other content. Staying consistent in appearance will help tell your brand’s story and convey your message.

05 Optimize Your Social Media Pages
Ensure the information on your brand’s pages are up to date and fresh. Choose a name that stays consistent across all channels so that your audience can find you easily. Ensure your template and information reflects your brand in the best way. For tips when it comes to your Facebook page, we recommend – Facebook Company Page 101 – Ten Best Practices.

Just remember, you are not alone in the organic reach struggle. Getting your brand in front of your target audience for little to no dollars may be challenging, but it is achievable with the right strategy in place.

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Updated 2020

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