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Some food for thought: presently, there are 3.5 billion Google searches conducted on a daily basis. That number alone creates a necessary resource for marketing strategies no matter your industry. Source: Smart Insights

When it comes to SEM (search engine marketing), there are two main options to consider for getting traffic to your website – PPC and SEO. Below is an outline of differences and benefits for each.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

The Difference

Comprised of paid ads, most likely in the form of a text or display ads. A target audience and/or keywords are chosen resulting in a fee when these ads are clicked or viewed (depending on your goals). These can be found on search networks from Google to Yahoo/Bing, cataloging your company based on predetermined keywords. PPC offers a great way to drive traffic to your website quickly.

The Benefits

  • Page Positioning – With bid variation controls, you can achieve paid positioning to get your ads at the top of search results.
  • Message Control – Tailor your ads to speak to your audience including specific site links and call to actions.
  • Targeting – Defined location targeting and keyword designation to include specific service offerings.
  • Testing – Allows for A/B testing to decide what works (and what doesn’t) based on goals and KPIs (key performance indicators).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Difference

Traffic is driven organically (free) based upon key terms that are found naturally within your website. These terms pull up your site within search results when someone completes a search engine inquiry that matches the content on your website, taking quality score (page loading speeds, page links, etc.) into consideration. SEO offers a great (low/ no cost) way to drive ongoing traffic to your website.

The Benefits

  • Brand Awareness – Allows for your website to be shown organically getting yourself known.
  • Build Credibility – Highlights your company as a reputable content source without needing to pay for it.
  • Renewable Website Traffic – Impressions and clicks are not restricted to a budget and schedule, allowing for sustainable traffic.
  • Higher CTR – Audiences are more likely to click on results that are shown here based on keywords appearing within the website copy.

By using PPC, SEO or both to drive action towards attaining your organization’s goals – you will be able to create the digital foundation for a stellar SEM strategy. For more digital definitions, check out Why Your SEO Matters and What to Consider.

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